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The Artic-U-Checks CD contains 125 printable data collection page for 50 consonant singletons, blends, and clusters in the initial, medial, and final positions of 1-3 syllable words at the word and sentence levels.  Each data page contains 10 target words and 10 sentences of 4-8 words in length containing those target words, along with a grid for measuring baseline ability and progress over 5 monitoring sessions.  These pages are designed for quick and easy data collection that can be summarized in evaluation reports, IEPs, and quarterly progress reports.  Artic-U-Checks is NOT a standardized test and does not take the place of articulation tests, nor does it replace or recommend any therapy methods.  Instead, Artic-U-Checks is used to supplement formal testing by probing each error sound 10 times in each position of a word.  The results of the probes help the SLP make informed decisions for therapy goals and intervention, and can be used to graphically communicate skill levels and progress to parents and students.

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